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DJ Donnelly, Founder /  Executive Chairman

CEO  2018


Jalen Harrison, Fashion Designer /  Independent Costumer Vendetta Vette *

Justin Kreinbrink, independent Producer, Director, Vendetta Vette *

Mike Frank, independent Screenwriter, Vendetta Vette *

Laura Meadows, independent Actress Vendetta Vette , Designer Vendetta Vette *

Seira Kagami, independent Asian Actress Vendetta Vette *

Akihiko Matsumoto, independent Asian Composer Vendetta Vette *


Former Executive Chef & Restaurant Operator, DJ Donnelly has an extensive array and experience for several aspects in his Careers. DJ Donnelly was born and raised in Staten Island, New York where he attended NYC Public Schools from first grade to high school.  At the age of Seven, DJ Donnelly was the First 7th Grader to be appointed to the NYC Safety Patrol for a busy intersection to get children safely across the busy intersection. In high school, DJ Donnelly excelled in Wrestling, Tennis and Baseball and won a Film Making Contest for Best Sc-Fi Trailer Production. During his later teen years, DJ Donnelly learned the Restaurant Business from the bottom up. From a bus boy, waiter, bartender, assistant manager, and chef via his Mentor and Great Friend Frank Coppotelli, Sr who owned the Staten Island Landmark Restaurant for the time The Rivera Chateau which was Staten Island's Finest Restaurant at the time. After Graduating high school, DJ Donnelly worked for various Restaurants's owned by the late Frank Coppotelli, Sr, from Golf Clubs and more. In 1980, DJ Donnelly attended and Graduated from The College of Staten Island, with majors in Business Law, Marketing  and Film Making. After Graduating in 1981, DJ Donnelly then attended Johnson & Wales University in 1982 in Providence, Rhode Island majoring in Culinary Arts, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Business Law and Marketing. DJ Donnelly also was on the Johnson & Wales Wildcat Baseball Team.  After Graduating in 1984, DJ Donnelly began his Restaurant Career because of his Mentor, Frank Coppotelli, Sr after landing a Chef position at a Cherry Hill, NJ Country Club which he remained for one year. 

In 1986, DJ Donnelly moved for the first time to Tucson, Arizona and began two careers. Firstly was a Chef at the Tucson Hilton where he remained for two years. During this time in Tucson, DJ Donnelly worked at various Five Star Hotels as a Chef. In 1988, DJ Donnelly was asked to be an extra for a film being filmed in Tucson called " World Gone Wild" because at the time DJ Donnelly looked like a Young Tom Selleck. After his extra role, DJ Donnelly also appeared in a few other films shoot in Tucson as an extra in "Young Guns" & "Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man". After the extra for films had been completed, DJ Donnelly was the General Manager for a very well known Modeling Agency in Tucson, which he ran the Agency to a profit making enterprise.  In 1994, DJ Donnelly left Tucson after selling his Condo for a huge profit and settled back in Staten Island, NY. In early

1996, DJ Donnelly obtained an Asst Garde Manger Chef position for Trump Plaza and Trump Worlds Fair Casino located in Atlantic City, New Jersey for Donald Trump. During his tenure at Trump Plaza, DJ Donnelly met and served the late Donna Summer, the Great Pavoratti, Barry White and other late performers while at Trump Plaza long with the now President of The United States, Donald J Trump.  In 1998 DJ Donnelly moved back to Tucson, Arizona and began his Restaurant & Film careers. Firstly opened and operated the first Personal Chef or In Home Chef service in Tucson and in Scottsdale, Arizona. While operating his company, DJ Donnelly was an independent extra and film assistant at Old Tucson Studios prior to the massive fire which destroyed the old famous Tucson Movie Studios that John Wayne and other famous actors filmed their movies.  After selling the Personal Chef Businesses, DJ Donnelly began his Film & TV Career by creating DJ Donnelly Productions LLC in Tucson, Arizona. The company was started as a movie trailer film company, music videos shot in Tucson along with Corporate Videos.  After years of working in both professions, DJ Donnelly moved from Tucson and transferred his company to New York City.  In 2010 the company was changed to Triumph Group Studios  LLC based in New York City, which it ran till a name change to Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC as it is today in Tucson and in South Carolina.

 While overseeing Triumph Donnelly Studios as Executive Chairman, DJ Donnelly has fought for several causes as a Pro Se in several legal matters as in DJ DONNELLY vs BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION, DJ DONNELLY vs NYS DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION and other noted cases as a Plaintiff. While working on Legal Cases from his Legal knowledge from his Education and from "God" DJ Donnelly protected his Mother from several very corrupt Probate actions imposed on his Mother by very corrupt people that to this day DJ Donnelly still and will fight for his Mother and her deserved inheritances caused by others via her late Mothers Estate.  As well, DJ Donnelly is an activist for several causes from the protection of Animal Rights, Tress, Civil Rights for the Deprived and Others as to "Help Others in Need".

 DJ Donnelly's vast Business experiences has successfully arranged Film, Restaurant, Real Estate in earlier years deals to advance Investors in Projects from Film, Restaurants and more. In 1996 while working as an Asst Manager for an Office Supply chain after Trump Plaza, he sustained a permanent neck injury caused by faulty shelving which left him with permanent neck damage, in which DJ Donnelly had to stop his Restaurant & Hotel Career to focus on Film & Television Productions. In 2018, DJ Donnelly will form the DJD RESTAURANT GROUP (c) that shall hire Graduates of Johnson & Wales University.

 In closing, DJ Donnelly is a team player, works very well with TDS's independent staff from Actors, Actresses, Crews, Legal and more to make each project a success not only for the people involved with DJ Donnelly but as well for Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC. In 2020 as planned the first TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS AMERICA COMPLEX (c)  is planned in Tucson, Arizona, with a sister Studios by 2024 in South Carolina and in 2026 in Dublin, Ireland.


College of Staten Island, 1980-1981

Johnson & Wales University, Providence Rhode Island 1982-1984


Executive Chairman & Founder Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC

President McDowell County, WV 2017 Coalition  to get Miners back to work.

CEO DJD Restaurant Group 2018


Independent Producers Guild

Animal Rights Organizations

Civil Rights & Legal Rights Affiliations

National Tree Organization ( formed Tree Central USA) after fighting to save one of Staten Island's oldest Great Tulip Tress which was 205 years old from builder, which gave the tree an added 6 months of life and national exposure as a Famous Tress in New York.

National Pro Se Legal Organizations for Plaintiff's.

Local Economic Development for distressed areas to assist in their re-growth

2000 NYC Hero Award State of New York Assembly Staten Island, New York

President Donald J Trumps Presidential Advisory Board Member

Team Trump Executive Gold Charter Member

Heritage for Action Foundation / The Heritage Foundation

Republican Party Sustaining Member RNC


DJ DONNELLY vs BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION United States Press Office for The Library of Congress, Washington, DC.