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TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS  an American Studios to create and produce global

feature films and television productions, with great talent, storylines, concepts, locations and more. In 2016 TDS begins productions on the first all female action movie trailer VENDETTA VETTE (c) MISSION ONE, with an Official Trailer. Triumph Donnelly Studios Southwest shall be an operating studios for film and television productions, hotel, restaurant, retail & office space to be built in the year 2020. Announced Triumph Donnelly Studios Tucson in 2020 and in Dublin, Ireland  by 2024 will operate as a full working Film & Television Studios. This Venture Partnership project is now in development with Triumph Donnelly Studios - DJ Donnelly Productions LLC. 

TDS's Mission is to develop and produce a string of multi genre projects for and

with exceptional high quality productions standards, under budget and on schedules for strong audience appreciation via first look co-productions studios, domestically and internationally.

THE COMPANY:                                 

Triumph Donnelly Studios, TDS  a multi - lateral studio was founded in 2010 for the purposes of developing superior quality entertainment globally. From film productions to television productions, TDS excels in the development from concept to screen for both domestic and international productions. from exceptional talent, crews, locations, screenplays and more. TDS is dedicated to produce award-winning independent studio productions on a global basis via Triumph Donnelly Studios Partners and crews.   DJ Donnelly Productions incorporates projects under the Triumph Donnelly Studios TDS banner.  While beginning as a seed company in New York in 2005 and is now envisioned as an American / Global for future growth, with future Film & Television Studios in Arizona and Dublin, Ireland by year 2024.

Triumph Donnelly Studios new Division TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS REAL ESTATE LLC expands it's banner to TDS's business portfolio in 2018.

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