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                        TDS PRESS & MEDIA RELATIONS

July 2017:

Triumph Donnelly Studios new Division TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS REAL ESTATE LLC formed to start in 2018 in SC & AZ.

Triumph Donnelly Studios signs Music Composer Robert Morrison for Ending Credits Song for Vendetta Vette.

Triumph Donnelly Studios Press Release:

Triumph Donnelly Studios Press Release:

Triumph Donnelly Studios signs Fashion Designer Jalen Harrison for the Vendetta Vette Fashions (c) Catsuits.

Tirumph Donnelly Studios in talks with Investors.

Triumph Donnelly Studios to cast a Screenwriter for True Story Capt Stich TV Movie 

Triumph Donnelly Studios Tucson (c ) will operate a fully functional studio for feature films, television productions and more, consisting of hotel, restaurant, retail, office and recreational space studio complex by 2020 and in Dublin, Ireland by 2024.


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