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 TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                 GLOBAL


BINDING AGREEMENT:  By using the internet site for Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC or any

Triumph Donnelly Sites ( vendetta vette (c) you agree to abide by these TERMS OF USE, 

 may beamended at any time by Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC or by TDS Legal.

COMMUNICATIONS: Any Cast or Crew Member that signs a Deal Memo Agreement or any Contractual Agreements with Triumph Donnelly Studios, after Three Business Days said Agreement is Binding and Enforced for the time period stated in the Agreements. Triumph Donnelly Studios via these Agreements with any Cast or Crew Member for any Project may contact the Cast or Crew Member directly via email, phone, mail or any other form of communication only as a "business communication" and not a personal communication. After Four attempts by Triumph Donnelly Studios or any of their Agents upon any Cast or Crew Member on any Project that does not respond personally to Triumph Donnelly Studios after Four attempted Communications, Triumph Donnelly Studios has the options to Suspend or Terminate any Contractual Agreements with "any" Cast or Crew Member on "any" Project. No Lawyers, Agents, Family or any Other Person may respond on behalf of any Cast or Crew Member after Triumph Donnelly Studios made a "business communication" to "any" Cast or Crew Member signed with Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC shall not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. 

Any employee, cast members both female & male, crews and more. Any employee, 

member, outside co partners, vendors that has any from of a professional relations with said Company if proven will be immediately terminated from any form of employment, cast deal memos, co-partners agreements which may as well result in legal and criminal actions upon said person.

Any sexual harassment or any cast member of any Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC is subjected to said sexual harassment the Executive Offices along with Human Resources will work with the employee, either female or male to address it.

Triumph Donnelly Studios Legal to represent said employee as in support for said actions placed upon them after it is reported and fully investigated by the Executive Offices of Triumph Donnelly Studios, or any of it's Affiliates.


Triumph Donnelly Studios will not tolerate any Stalking of any kind upon any cast member, employee etc of Triumph Donnelly Studios, for any project during productions.

Any Stalking and or Triumph Donnelly Studios Security on the Studios lot in 2020, Triumph Donnelly Studios will not tolerate any form of Drug Abuse while on locate, in the studios, hotels while on locations for any film or television project etc by any cast member, employee of Triumph Donnelly Studios while under contract for any film or television project. Immediate termination of said contract, deal memo's etc will be enforced to any cast, crew or employee of Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC.

AGE REQUIREMENTS:  This site and any other site owned and operated by TDS 

is only intended for individuals of the legal age of 18 or older, domestically and internationally. 

Under the age of 18, you must view and read the TERMS OF USE of said site via parents

guardians which both understands this sites and any other site owned and operated by Triumph Donnelly Studios ( the studio) TERMS OF USE by accessing this site or any other Triumph Donnelly Studios or any of it's Divisions. You understand and represent that you are of legal age to view said sites under these TERMS OF USE.

PRIVACY POLICY: Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC respects your privacy.

Triumph Donnelly Studios remains strictly confidential for any business matters, contractual agreements and more under said TERMS OF USE.

CONTENT USER:  Any and all Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC sites ( the sites) are for entertainment purposes only. All of the content and other information  either displayed, over the internet.

Downloads or otherwise stated under said TERMS OF USE  used in connection with this site or any site owned by Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC

including text, images, photos, website links, graphics, characters,trailers, as well as any copyrighted, licensing, logo's and or trademarks collectively are the sole property of Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC or any of it's Divisions, both Domestically and Internationally.

PROHIBITED CONTENT:  You agree not to download, copy, transfer, alter, produce, present, deliver, distribute.display,transmit,or promote any cast, characters for any TDS Property, websites, merchandise

display, transmit or otherwise promote any cast member in any TDS Property, websites, merchandise

for either feature films, television and more, as in any likeness, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening content, which encourages conduct which is against the Law, both Domestically and Internationally, which may constitutes a Criminal Offense.

Any threatening content which encourages conduct both domestically and internationally plus civil damages liabilities  upon said person or persons both Domestically and for all Media Communications and more for any

Internationally or otherwise violates local, state and national laws and or regulations and more 

to solicits funds or said solicitation of any Triumph Donnelly Studios cast member, film name or character titles is strictly prohibited and shall result in criminal charges and civil liabilities upon said person or person both domestically and internationally.

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: You agree not to use, produce, alter, transmit, display or transfer any names, character names, cast member names, their websites as mandated in said TERMS OF USE for any Triumph Donnelly Website, that any use of said company name, film titles, television titles, etc shall result in civil liabilities damages upon said person, persons or companies that violates said TERMS OF USE. Any copy of any Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC works as a infringement of said rights will result in full legal recourse and or criminal charges on any person, party, company and more from any Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC works.

LEGAL ACTIONS: Any Legal Actions brought by any party, company etc against Triumph

Donnelly Studios LLC or it's Agents, shall be formally Countered Sued by Triumph Donnelly Studios Legal against any party, company etc.

NO WARRANTIES: Triumph Donnelly Studios makes no warranties that any released film titles, characters, television shows or characters will be produced.  At any time Triumph Donnelly Studios can cancel, change, alter or produce another project without any notice as the owner of any copyrighted or trademarked projects from 2016 to 2020.

INDEMNITY:  You agree to indemnify Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC - DJ Donnelly Productions LLC , any cast member, any crew member to hold harmless under said TERMS OF USE for this website or any Triumph Donnelly Studios Character's.

You hold harmless for any civil damages,  liabilities  from any 

party claims and or costs related to attorney & court fees arising from the usage of 

other Triumph Donnelly Studios - DJ Donnelly Productions LLC websites, both domestically and internationally, as per said TERMS OF USE or any of Triumph Donnelly Studios character websites.

FOREIGN AND INTERNATIONAL ACCESS: Triumph Donnelly Studios operates these websites

may at it's own discretion, makes no representations that any of the materials, information etc  to which you have been given access to for use in any other International location or locations as doing business in any State, Jurisdiction  and or Country under said TERMS OF USE.

MODIFICATIONS: Triumph Donnelly Studios can make any modifications to any owned website from content, images, links and more without any written notice, as per said TERMS OF USE.

COMMUNICATIONS: All written communications addressed to Triumph Donnelly Studios Media Mail

TRADEMARKS & COPYRIGHTS: Triumph Donnelly Studios - DJ Donnelly Productions LLC copyrighted project for either feature films, television shows are the sole property of Triumph Donnelly Studios - DJ Donnelly Productions LLC via said copyrighted logo (c) on this website or any other owned Triumph Donnelly Studios websites, bot domestically and internationally.

and for any and all trademarks owned by Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC are the Sole Property of Triumph Donnelly Studios both for Domestic and International use.


These terms and conditions of use (the terms) apply to this website, Vendetta Vette (c) 

for Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC - TDS Films. and all related websites

of Triumph Donnelly Studios - TDS Films are the sole property of TDS or any Division

and conventions a (the website), together with all images, copy, information, content

of this website. Private or Commercial use of this website or any related Triumph Donnelly Studios, are strictly prohibited and may result in either Criminal Enforcement and or Civil Penalties or both. 

BREACH OF CONTRACT:  Any and all deal memo's signed with actresses, actors, crews 

services and more signed over 5 business days are enforced and cannot be cancelled, terminated. 

Any departures shall result in legal actions for said cancellation of any signed

any said deal memo's signed with Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC.

The cancelling  departing party of a deal memo are business agreements and thusly after 5 business days are enforced and will remain in place for it's duration.

NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS (NDA)  Any and all Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are presented prior to any release of Triumph Donnelly Studios materials as in: scripts, treatments, loglines and or stoylines for any film or television project to potential talent, crews and or investors. Any third party requesting any Triumph Donnelly Studios Property MUST sign said NDA prior to said release. If any third party does not want to sign the NDA, no TDS property shall be released.

An enforcement  period of Five Years from the date of execution by Triumph Donnelly Studios TDS LLC. 

Once signed by any talent, crews, management or agency for any and. All Non Disclosure Agreements NDA are mandatory prior to said release.

SCREENPLAYS & TREATMENTS: Any and all property of TDS that are submitted via PDF Format, or U.S. Priority Mail to any talent, agency and or any for the purpose of a read for consideration to talent, crews and more, are bound by said requirements 

agents or any legal representations, must be returned to TDS via the Non Disclosure Agreement. 

TDS and any and all Person or Persons receiving any Triumph Donnelly Studios Property.

Any treatments, scripts, deal memos etc. Because an NDA is signed with any talent, crews, agents or legal representations, it is enforced on the date of signatures.

Once the Person or Persons has no interest in any, it MUST be returned to TDS in 5 Business Days back to Triumph Donnelly Studios.

A Legal Fine may or will be imposed on any and all person, persons,company, agent , studios, network, talent and more for not retuning Triumph Donnelly Studios Property after receipt to any Third Party via  NDA agreement, effective immediately. TDS.

LOGO'S Triumph Donnelly Studios - TDS reserves the rights to use as a company logo 

for all websites, film & television productions, merchandising, music soundtracks via

said Copyrights and Conventions bot Domestic and International.

CHANGES TO TERMS OF USE:  TDS Legal reserves the rights to change, modify,

or any notices which Triumph Donnelly Studios -TDS reserves such rights. Defamation by any contractor, talent, cast, crews etc, are subject to immediate termination.

Any contractor, talent, crews by Triumph Donnelly Studios. Any agent of TDS is subject to an immediate termination of any independent contractor, talent, crews etc by Triumph Donnelly Studios Legal  with Legal Recourse. Changes may be made unannounced.

LICENSING TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS:  certain merchandise for any film, television characters for

television productions owned by Triumph Donnelly Studios is licensed through TDS LLC or Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC.

Any reproductions either domestically and or internationally are strictly prohibited.

RESTRICTIONS OF CONTENT USE: Unless stated otherwise any and all content is

protected by copyrights and pending trademarks respectively. Any reproductions for either Private / Commercial Use is strictly prohibited both Domestically and Internationally. Any use of the Triumph Donnelly Studios content is strictly prohibited and shall be subject to legal damages from Triumph Donnelly Studios Legal and or Any Outside Counsel for TDS.

Any user of this websites information and or Brand name for Triumph Donnelly Studios TDS LLC.

ADDITIONAL TERMS AND AGREEMENTS: Any user of this website is bound by these Terms:

TERMS and CONDITIONS for Triumph Donnelly Studios -  TDS LLC. Treatments, Scripts, Investor Proposals.

Triumph Donnelly Studios to any person, agent, attorney, film commissioners etc to 

to any investor or investor, the name of the investor or investors must be released

prior to said release of any TDS investor proposals. It can be requested by Triumph Donnelly Studios if no interest is shown by any investor or investors.

Triumph Donnelly Studios will request any and all investor materials be returned 

to Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC, to any agent, attorney, film commissioner etc. 

If any proposals are not returned to Triumph Donnelly Studios as per said agreements

Triumph Donnelly Studios Legal will enforce if needed legal action for said return of TDS property.

LIABLE LIMITATIONS: In no such event shall any Officer, Agent, Freelance Contractors and more be liable in any contractual agreements upon TDS.

Any liable in any contracts, torts, strict liability or otherwise for any direct, indirect, punitive, special or incidental damages without any loss via any content and or temrs of this Triumph Donnelly Studios website or any other website owned by TDS.

JURISDICTIONS:  Triumph Donnelly Studios-TDS websites are for entertainment purposes only fro characters owned by Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC for the sole purposes for Feature Films, Television are 

 information only within The United States of America, via copyrights and conventions. Any International use of this website  or any of it's contents are strictly prohibited under said International laws and conventions.

COVERAGE & MERCHANDISE: TDS properties  as in Vendetta Vette, Rockhand's Army,

Mayday New York, Albert Bond, Tucson Vice, Fallon P.I. Vendetta Vette , Warrant, Vendetta Vette  Brad's Quest, Captain Stich and more are the sole property of Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC.

VV Jet, Vendetta Vette Boat, Vendetta Vette Bike, and all Vendetta Vette Gadgets are the with all rights and conventions. Any soundtracks, dvd, blu-ray, merchandising, for both Domestic and International Sales via Third Party Distributors are the sole Property of Triumph Donnelly Studios

via respected associated Partners for Distributions and Co-Productions. Any use of any of the TDS Brands is strictly prohibited by Law,  both Domestically and Internationally. 

Agreements for the use of any Triumph Donnelly Studios, Brands will be fully required. Triumph Donnelly Studios owned Brands is subject to Criminal Recourse and Monetary Damages, upon anyone who uses, steals etc of any owned Brands via TDS.

Triumph Donnelly Studios - TDS  LLC Legal, both Domestically and Internationally. Any cast member for any productions by Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC is as well protected under any productions by Triumph Donnelly Studios, our Global Partners and or any Studios in Associations with Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC.

                                      TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS TUCSON LLC TERMS OF USE 2017-2018